We are a locksmith company with over 40 years of trusted experience. All network personal are SIA home office approved. Secure Gurus are a concierge service to discerning clients whom wish to have total security.

With secure gurus 247

You’re near to multilevel high security help.

Keys locked inside! Click on the 24/7 emergency to connect!

Secure Gurus; are an sia home office approved Locksmiths Company London Centric. We are also an SIA 24/7 Key holding concierge service, using the highest security encryption* card copy only registered locks systems. Exclusive client use of AI messaging in all areas of ordering and communications.

Our Services Protect you and the things you care about with immediate concierge highest level security service.

We are running in Salesforce. This means no data is ever left on computers. Salesforce has the highest compliance standards and excellent remote access.

Salesforce is the worlds number 1 customer secured CRM cloud systems database. Salesforce maintain a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations to validate our #1 value of Trust. Nexusmls; systems architect, design and build within the Salesforce cloud.

Securegurus locksmith, key holding and guarding are SIA home office approved.

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Info@securegurus.com I 0845 8850 369 I securegurus.com

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