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Many of our clients have Banhams locks installed protecting property doors. Banhams have a strict procedure for registration and obtaining additional keys, involving signatorys, gold cards and providing original keys to obtain extra copies. All procedures must be followed correctly, in some circumstances property legal documents will be required as proof of ownership.

We can make the process simple by undertaking these procedures on your behalf. If we hold your keys under the NexusMLS key holding service, we can digitaly manage the correct procedure of registration and copying for you.

We are authorised to work with Banhams Group on your behalf on matters of registration, additional keys ordered fulfillment and secure delivery directly to your workplace or home address.

Authorised and conducted through WP-Esignature, legal standard digital signed tracked and loged online registration process with key copy authorisation.


Your keys and the original security cards held with Nexus key holding, removes the possibility of mislaid cardsYour securely held keys can be delivered to you in the event of loss 24/7*

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