Cloud compliant GDPR

Your data is compliantly stored

We create design and architect cloud high security software systems running Nationally from 2006 long before many had heard of cloud systems.

A critical part of operating a security company business is making 100 % sure data is efficiently quick to store, access and absolutely safe. We were well ahead of GDPR compliance 14 years ago.

This makes us best placed to help businesses and individuals clients alike.

When when we work with you. You will have same day automated invoices and payment links to quickly have the information for your company or your clients.

We use Xero accounting Squreup payment gateway and all works data is securely held and API connected through Salesforce. This a totally discreet and highly secure way to do business that is 100% fully compliant and accountable keeping history and clients details safe.

Following pages will be example screen shots of how we can work with you.

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