Mul-T-Lock registered keys

Order of extra Mul-T-Lock ® high security registered keys, card copy only type..

To obtain additional Mul-T-Lock keys please complete AI online.. Fast and easy order payment, and questions answered.  

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Mul-T-Lock require the original security card in order to cut additional keys. If the card is mislaid keys are at risk of being copied by whomever holds that card, it is highly recommended that all locks associated with the lost card are replaced. We operate fast emergency lock change service.

Your keys and the original security cards held with Nexus key holding, removes this possibility of mislaid cardsYour securely safe protected keys can be delivered to you in the event of loss 24/7*

We will require the original Mul-T-Lock security card to cut additional keys (LEAVE BLANK FOR NOW) Nexus will contact you soon.

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