Locksmith service

247 Locksmith service: Secure Gurus operation within London is a tech connected organisation of highly experienced master locksmith with an average of 40 years of situation experienced engineers. IE. we are all highly knowledgeable in all aspects of security and can advice how to keep you and the things you love safe.

Plus of course getting you in to your property 247 when locked out, opening and changing locks Etc.

To book a locksmith or just inquire about secure gurus services fill the form and a booking manager will call you expedite.

Safe opening

Safe opening service no matter how secure up to the highest grade safes and vaults. Secure gurus safe engineers are considered and known as the best in Europe flying across the globe to open safes when keys and combinations have been lost.

Key holding

Secure gurus concierge key holding, look after your property keys for any 24/7 emergency situation.

By activating an encrypted request we action and send a Key Nannie officer to your instructed location meeting you or an authorized person with your property keys.

Handover location is flexible with the convenience of the time you need. Your assigned Key Nannie Officer will bring a sealed wallet containing your keys to an hotel, airport, home, office, coffee bar.. wherever you need.. We fit to your plans.. with a unique concierge key holding service.

Unlike other old style large companies using slow switchboard coms, With secure gurus concierge key holding the moment we automatically receive your request you will be within minuets in direct contact through WhatsApp with your assigned Key Nannie Officer enabling direct communication eta etc. No more call waiting music switchboards.

All Key Nannie officers have been SIA home office licensed approved to handle keys, encrypted stored and held secretly within a grade 4 safe within a security facility located in Marylebone W1.

Key Nannies running on Tern Cargo Ebikes for expedite service.

Your locally based allocated Key Nannie will collect from our safe and deliver personally within 1 hour or at any scheduled booked time.

We often achieve delivery within 30 minuets.

Property guarding

Secure gurus property guarding: Concierge client service with our Key Nannies officers personally selected SAI home office approved. Once assigned will always be on hand to take the greatest of care for you, your loved ones and your property.

We are guarding homes and commercial properties 24/7 using the safeness of high security cloud based soft/tech and coms through WhatsApp for its simplicity.

Your assigned officer will collect keys from our secure facility and check over your property once every 24 hours including checking everything is in correct order and safe. All doors and windows checked and signed off. Your Key Nannie will follow instruction to the exact requirements giving the total concierge security service. For instance its standard policy to leave different lights on each visit. Your Key Nannies officer will give an OK sign off by whatsApp each time the property has been checked and contact you if there is any concerns. You can choose between male or female guarding personnel.

We also provide overnight guardian guarding a live in whilst away service that is highly popular with clients. You may be away just a few days or perhaps longer. Your assigned key Nannie will stay over night 7pm until 7am Taking care of your pets needs, dog walking, stocking the fridge or organizing fresh flowers all can be arranged for your arrival on your return whereby your Key Nannie officer discreetly vacates before your arrival.

Any concierge requirements can be put in place 24/7.

Block management lock service

We are ideally suited to help with the CE main doors to blocks and other security issues.

High security registered key and lock upgrades are common requests.

Surveillance systems IP video cameras
High security registered card copy only key systems and locks
Cloud compliant GDPR
Manned guarding service / Street guarding

Secure gurus work with London’s premier elite manned street guarding services. We work together to solve many security issues, key holding, property guarding etc. We can provide a personalized security profile for all situations.

Street guarding is the best form of deterrent to prevent property break-in, car window smash, theft or attack.

WhatsApp live agent support for members bookings / Emergency situations.
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